• Publish Date:
  • 12/06/2021


Important announcement

To new students in all colleges

Those who did not activate their account on the student portal

Activate the account in the following way (we explain in the pictures below the method):

When entering the site, the first window (login window) will appear.

1- Write the university number in the field provided

2- Type the default password: the national number in the "Password" field.

3- Click on the login button

The second window (the password change window) will appear in which the site requests to change the password as follows:

1- Type the default password (national number) in the first field "Current password"

2- Choose a new password (it doesn't have to be the same as the default one) and write it in the second field "New Password"

3- Retype it in the third field "Confirm the new password" and press the "Change" button

And that's it, we wish you all the best.



Please review the Informatics section in case of any problem by accessing the students’ website at the following link: 

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