Al Shahba Private University Board

:The Board of Al-Shahba Private University undertakes the following tasks

  • Suggesting plans for the development of the university and securing its academic, administrative and financial components.
  • Develop the general plan for education and research and the university's needs of members of the educational staff.
  • Determining the rules and conditions for accepting students and determining their annual numbers.
  • Setting rules and criteria for selecting deans, department heads and councils.
  • Approval of the appointment, transfer, promotion, assignment, secondment and other status of members of the educational staff.
  • Suggesting a salary scale for faculty members at the university.
  • Approving policies and plans for developing curricula, study systems and examinations.
  • Suggesting plans and curricula for departments and colleges.
  • Develop a plan for scientific and cultural cooperation with universities, institutions and other bodies.
  • Develop plans for scientific missions to obtain the necessary academic qualifications for members of the educational staff.
  • Determining the university calendar, including the start and end dates of studies in faculties and departments.
  • Approval of awarding academic degrees to graduates.
  • Proposing the establishment of new university branches, colleges, departments, or special units, and submitting them to the Board of Trustees for approval and submission to the Ministry.
  • Approval of the plan to provide the central library with references and periodicals annually.
  • Approval of books, university references and other educational aids, and compensation for authorship, translation and publication.
  • Discussing the internal regulations for organizing the work of the university and managing its affairs, and submitting them to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Discussing the final accounts and the annual budget of the university and submitting them to the board of trustees for approval.
  • Evaluating the performance of the university by discussing the annual reports submitted by the university president and forming special committees to evaluate the effectiveness of university graduates in meeting the needs of society.
  • Considering the topics referred to it by the Board of Trustees and the University President.
  • Creating administrative and scientific functions not provided for in this system when necessary.
  • Approval of the annual report submitted by the university president.


Al Shahba Private University Board

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Al-Mushrif
University Council President

Prof. Dr. Omar Ismail
Vice President of the University

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sultan
Dean of the College of Dentistry

Dr. Amer Bushi
Dean of the Faculty of Information Engineering

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Samir Drakzanli
Dean of the
Faculty of Business and Administration

Dr. Sobhi Sheikha
University Secretary

Dr. Jamal Al Shar
Teachers union representative

Dr. Samer Salloum
A representative of the Ministry of Higher Education

a. Mohammad Yahya
Student union representative

a. Mohamed Hamza
Chief Financial Officer


M. Randa Kayali

Council Secretary






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